Meet the team at Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina below.

Darrell Allison


As the founding president of Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, Darrell Allison is working to reform and redefine K-12 education.  His work, focused on expanding educational opportunity for all children, is based on a fundamental premise:  Parents, regardless of address or income, should be free to choose the best school for their child. Darrell’s belief in the power…

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Brian Jodice

Executive Vice President

In his role as Executive Vice President, Brian leads the organization’s communications and messaging across all platforms, heads up media outreach efforts, and works to develop and advance relationships with key stakeholders across the state. A longtime advocate of educational freedom, Brian has worked with some of the nation’s leading school choice organizations. He has pushed to advance school choice…

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Lindsay Roseborough

Vice President of Development & Operations

As Vice President of Development & Operations, Lindsay is the point of contact for all corporate and individual development and advancement at PEFNC. She serves as an active and visible spokesperson to the donor community and works closely with PEFNC’s President and Board of Directors regarding strategic planning focused on optimizing the future success of the organization. Prior to joining…

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Eve Tuset

Director of Operations & Administration

In her role as Director of Operations, Eve seeks to streamline and refine administrative and operational processes to facilitate new growth and vision for PEFNC. Eve is an experienced administrator, having worked in financial administration with Edward Jones and the North Carolina Department of Revenue. She also has extensive administrative experience working with nonprofit organizations. A West Point graduate, Eve…

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Allison Guenther

Outreach Director

Allison Guenther brings with her an extensive background in advocacy and outreach as well as a desire to help connect parents to the educational option that best meets their child’s needs. Prior to joining PEFNC as Outreach Director, Allison worked at Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina, guiding outreach and advocacy strategies for child maltreatment programs. She spent the first six…

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Kwan Graham

Director of Community Engagement

Kwan Graham has an extensive background serving parents and advocating for the educational needs of children. She oversees PEFNC’s Parent Liaison Initiative (PLI) and works diligently across the state to empower parents to become better advocates for their child’s educational needs. As Director of Community Engagement, Kwan assists parents in learning about school related topics, such as the benefits of…

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Alex Badger

Policy Specialist

Alex Badger servers at PEFNC’s Policy Specialist. In his role, Alex directs PEFNC’s efforts to advocate for parental school choice policy, from the grassroots level on up to North Carolina’s elected officials. Prior to joining PEFNC, Alex held bipartisan positions with The North Carolina General Assembly and The US Senate before returning to NC to assist in Government Relations on…

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Madison Irvin

Executive Team Assistant

Madison Irvin, commonly referred to as Maddie, is the initial point of contact for visitors to PEFNC and thus serves as the organization’s face and voice. Maddie embodies positivity and professionalism, making her a great contributor to PEFNC. As the Executive Team Assistant, Maddie’s responsibilities include providing executive assistance to both the President and the Vice President, coordinating the internship…

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Thomas Miller, Ed.D.

Director, NC School Accelerator

Dr. Thomas Miller is the Director Consultant of PEFNC’s North Carolina School Accelerator as well as the founder of Leaders Building Leaders. Thomas believes that everything rises and falls on leadership. He combines his leadership certification with his public charter school leadership research to help public charter schools navigate a course from success to significance. His dissertation study, How Effective…

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