OPS Numbers

School Choice More Popular Than Ever in North Carolina

As students return to the classroom, more than 8,300 will take advantage of a new opportunity and a chance for a better education. For the first time in program history, every slot available in the Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) will be claimed.

In fact, a combined 8,353 new and renewal scholarships accepted combined with over 3,000 students on the wait list sends a clear message that families across our state continue to demand quality educational options for their children.

The program has had unbelievable success. When our state legislature sought to fund and grow the program for the next decade, a few usual critics thought it was premature and believed funds would be unused. However, our leaders were clearly listening to the demands of their constituents and we were fully confident that our low-income and working-class families, in search of an opportunity, would respond strongly.

Building on its status as a national leader in school choice, North Carolina has also established three private school choice programs including the Children with Disabilities Scholarship Grant, the Opportunity Scholarship Program, and Special Needs Education Savings Accounts (2017).

The numbers don’t lie: record-setting applications and full subscription for the Opportunity Scholarship Program and over 100,000 students enrolled in private schools for the first time in our state’s history – all point to the fact that our North Carolina families are incorporating traditional and non-traditional education as they make a choice what’s best for their children. They deserve that choice.