PEFNC Kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week by Celebrating All Teachers in North Carolina

Raleigh (May 7, 2018) – Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC), the state’s leading voice for parental school choice, kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week 2018 by celebrating the more than 150,000 educators in traditional public, private, public charter, and home schools across the Tar Heel State.

“Our great state has nearly 2,500 public schools, more than 700 private schools, almost 175 public charter schools, and an estimated 80,000 home schools,” said Brian Jodice, Interim President of PEFNC. “Our community of educators does so much to guide the next generation, and we’re thrilled to honor their hard work during this special week. Join me as PEFNC gives a round of applause to North Carolina teachers!”

To celebrate all of North Carolina’s teachers, PEFNC is launching a week-long social media campaign asking North Carolinians to share stories about their favorite teacher and how he or she impacted them — using the hashtag #NCTeachers — on Facebook and Twitter.

Lindsay Roseborough, PEFNC’s Vice President of Development and Operations, previously served as a public-school teacher in Vance and Durham counties. “For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher. My mother and grandmother were both public school teachers, so you could say it’s in my blood,” Roseborough said. “As a former educator, I know firsthand the critical role that North Carolina’s teachers play in shaping the next generation. I’ll never forget my time serving with a group of excited, dedicated, hard-working teachers in Henderson. We all shepherded students who didn’t have the support and resources teens need to excel in today’s classroom. I’m happy to say that many of these students went on to not only graduate from high school, but attend prominent universities and obtain advanced degrees. Many times, they were the first in their families to finish high school.”

“I’ve had professional experiences both in and out of the classroom, and I have yet to come across a profession that demands such determination, resourcefulness, creativity, compassion, resiliency, and humility as being an educator does. For that, I will always respect and be grateful for those who choose to become teachers. Whether it’s in a private, charter, or public-school setting: no one becomes a teacher for the pay. They become a teacher for the heart. For not only their own, but for generations to come.”