Letter: Scholarship program worthwhile

Check out a recently published Letter to the Editor from Fayetteville mom Anita Morrison in which she shares how the Opportunity Scholarship Program is impacting her son’s life.

I am writing in support of North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship Program – a program that is having an impact on students’ lives in powerful ways. I would know: My 16-year-old son, David, now attends Berean Baptist Academy in Fayetteville on an Opportunity Scholarship.

Prior to enrolling in his private school, David attended public school. While many children are well-served by their public schools, David was not. He floundered academically and was not challenged. Since he began attending Berean Baptist Academy, however, David has improved in his studies. He is doing well emotionally, too, largely because of the structure and discipline his private school provides.

I know what it is like to feel there are no options. Without the Opportunity Scholarship Program, I would not have had a choice with David’s education. Many other working-class parents, whose children aren’t flourishing in public schools, may feel trapped like I did. They are desperately seeking alternatives for their child’s education. I want them to know this program is there and can help those children and families who really need it most.

Anita Morrison


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