House floor

Over the past 20 years, the North Carolina General Assembly has worked to pass legislation expanding public and private school choice opportunities for families across the state. In addition to the 1988 statute defining home schools, the General Assembly has also passed legislation enacting the following programs:

  • 1996: Creation of public charter schools statewide through the Charter Schools Act
  •  2011: Establishment of the Special Needs Tax Credit for students with disabilities
  • 2011: Removal of North Carolina’s statewide 100-school cap on the number of public charter schools
  • 2013: Creation of the Opportunity Scholarship, North Carolina’s program offering state-funded tuition scholarships to low-income students to attend private schools of choice
  • 2013: Establishment of the Children with Disabilities Scholarship Grant Program, replacing the Special Needs Tax Credit
  • 2013: Passage of statutory redefinition of home schools, permitting greater instructional flexibility for parents and families
  • 2016: Passage of historic expansion of the Opportunity Scholarship Program, enabling an additional 2,500 students each year to receive scholarships for the next decade