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Regional tour provides information about new special needs scholarships

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Nov 22, 2017
Raleigh, NC – Families, school leaders, special needs advocates, and state officials gathered recently for a trio of public information sessions across North Carolina regarding the new state-sponsored Education Savings Accounts (ESA). ESAs are designed to provide $9,000 in state funds to offset educational expenses for families of students with special needs. ... READ MORE

9,400 families apply for state Opportunity Scholarship

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Oct 19, 2016
By Donna King, North State Journal, October 16, 2016 KNIGHTDALE, N.C.  —For Jamie Paylor and Caleb Drummond it’s a typical school day: breakfast, commute, homework, track practice. For their mom, Kim Paylor, the comfort of this school routine at Raleigh Christian Academy is extra special. Jamie and Caleb are recipients ... READ MORE

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Oct 19, 2016
Four voices in education: Darrell Allison, Founding President, Parents for Educational Freedom By: Donna King, North State Journal, October 16, 2016 North State Journal: Why do you have such a passion for parental school choice? Darrell Allison: In 2004, if you lined up 100 African-American boys, 60 of those boys would have failed to get ... READ MORE

Petition and Emergency Motion Refiled to Continue Opportunity Scholarship Program

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Sep 05, 2014
PEFNC President Darrell Allison Says Fight to Maintain the Opportunity Scholarship Program Will Continue Legal Teams Representing Parents and State Leaders Refile an Emergency Appeal RALEIGH -- Below is a statement from Darrell Allison, President of Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC), about the legal teams representing parents ... READ MORE

PEFNC president says waiting lists can be used to increase enrollment caps

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Mar 12, 2012
In a recent Carolina Journal article, PEFNC President Darrell Allison said that public charter school waiting lists could be used to justify increasing enrollment caps for public charters. Currenly the number of students at a public charter school can grow no more than 20 percent each year. “Who knows, maybe this ... READ MORE