Parents, what are you thankful for?

By: pefncadmin
Nov 23, 2015
In this season of thanks, we want to let you know we’re thankful for you! Because of parents like you, there is so much to celebrate this year. None of this would have happened without your voices, your stories, and your involvement. The year may be coming to a ... READ MORE

Parent Advocates Recognized at PEFNC Anniversary Event

By: pefncadmin
Nov 17, 2015
On November 11th, the Duke Program In Education and the Duke University Cook Center on Social Equity jointly sponsored a conversation entitled “Equity or Excellence: (Missed) Opportunity? A Conversation About North Carolina’s School Voucher Program.” Darrell Allison spoke to the critical importance of parental school choice when it comes ... READ MORE

NC parents, learn about Education Savings Accounts

By: pefncadmin |
Oct 27, 2015
Parents all over North Carolina want to see their children succeed in school. Too many children, however, are trapped in failing schools or schools that do not meet their educational needs. Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) are tools that can assist in saving money for the qualified educational expenses of a ... READ MORE

Great kids, great schools

By: pefncadmin
Sep 23, 2015
We know that demand for school choice is growing. It’s evidenced in the number of charter schools which are opening and the numbers of students waiting to enroll. We also see it in the flood of applications from parents who want to send their children to private schools under ... READ MORE