South Carolina: Overwhelming Support for School Choice

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Apr 21, 2014
The goal of school choice programs is to give parents more control over their child's education, and to allow parents to pursue the most appropriate learning environments for their children. The school choice movement has endured intense scrutiny and criticism within its brief history. However, its plight has not gone ... READ MORE

Legislative Leaders Will Fight for Opportunity Scholarships

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Apr 16, 2014
The Opportunity Scholarship act is a program intended to assist low income families by providing educational options that best fit their child’s needs. In February, a preliminary hearing was held in the wake county court house and deliberation too place for several hours. Ultimately, Judge Hobgood moved to grant ... READ MORE

2014 School Choice Yearbook Released

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Apr 11, 2014
The Alliance for School Choice is a nonprofit organization that specializes in promoting school choice programs throughout the country. The Alliance for School choice supports the creation and expansion of private school scholarships, corporate tax credits, and other school choice programs that provide alternate education methods for students. The organization ... READ MORE

April 8, 2014: NC Charter Advisory Board

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Apr 09, 2014
The Advisory Board subcommittees reviewed 6 charter school applications and voted to move 3 to the interview stage of the application process. There were 11 schools that were interviewed and 4 schools were voted to advance to “ready to open status.”  The “ready to open status” is the new term being used for preliminary ... READ MORE