October 13, 2014: NC Public Charter School Advisory Board

By: pefncadmin
Oct 13, 2014
An update was given by the Office of Charter School on the 2015 charter school applications. A total of 40 applications were submitted this year. The deadline for this cycle of applications was September 26, 2015. There was one application that did not submit the application fee and was deemed incomplete. Currently there are 39 ... READ MORE

Tech and the Classroom: What Do Students Really Think?

By: pefncadmin
Oct 08, 2014
The use of technology in the classroom can be both an innovative and exciting tool for students to learn with, at least that’s what the creators of education policy and educators say. But what about students—what do they have to say about education tech? In a recent Huffington ... READ MORE

October 2, 2014: State Board of Education

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Oct 02, 2014
Each month the State Board of Education meets to discuss various issues in North Carolina’s educational system. This month’s State Board of Education meeting took place at University of North Carolina, Charlotte’s campus in Charlotte, North Carolina. The agenda included topics such as career and technical education, ... READ MORE

Parental School Choice: Understanding the Basics

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Sep 17, 2014
School choice seems to be the topic of conversation for many parents who believe in an education beyond the traditional district system. It certainly is one thing to talk about school choice, but what are the basic ideas that form this concept? John E. Coons, professor emeritus of law at ... READ MORE