A Conversation With Shea Bradford, PEFNC Supporter and Board Member

Shea Bradford lives with her husbanBradfordsd and their four children in Huntersville, North Carolina, and serves as a speech-language pathologist. She currently works with Speech Discovery for Kids, serving pediatric and school-aged children with varying speech and language needs. Shea and her husband, John, are passionate about helping children with special needs excel academically.

We caught up with Shea and asked her to share a little bit about herself, her commitment to school choice for all of North Carolina’s students, and why she supports Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina.

PEFNC: How did you first hear about PEFNC?

SB: I attended the PEFNC anniversary gala a few years ago with my husband who was invited as a supporter of PEFNC through the General Assembly.

PEFNC: What attracted you to PEFNC?

SB: As a parent who made some personal sacrifices for my children to attend a public charter school, I loved the mission of giving parents the options to choose what type of education is best for their children.

PEFNC: What do you wish other people knew about PEFNC?

SB: Educational choice does not just mean private schools or public charter schools, and it doesn’t have to be one or the other. All educational options, including traditional public schools, are considered and encouraged, and we support a parent’s right to choose.

PEFNC: What’s it like to be a donor of PEFNC?

SB: PEFNC does a great job at keeping us informed of the impact our contributions.
It is rewarding to see donations going to help children and families so that they may have the same educational opportunities that my children have.

PEFNC: What has been your personal experience with school choice?

SB: My four children attend the Community School of Davidson, a public charter school in Davidson. It’s the right fit for them.

PEFNC: What do you find most challenging about the school choice arena?

SB: The politics of the issue, including the viewpoint that if you support school choice, you don’t support traditional public schools. That’s just not true!

PEFNC: What’s your personal philosophy on K-12 education?

SB: The child’s educational outcome is the most important issue, and each individual child reaches that outcome differently. For that reason, I support the educational vehicle (school choice) that best suites each child, whether that be through traditional public schools, charters, private schools, home schools, etc.

PEFNC: What do you do when you aren’t working?

SB: I love to travel with my family and read a good book.

PEFNC: Who inspires you?

SB: My husband inspires me with his ambition, dedication to our family, cleverness, and his huge heart for children with disabilities.

PEFNC: What might someone be surprised to know about you?

SB: I’m actually quite shy.

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