Take Note: Next Generation of Parents Like Choice in Education


I was reading an article recently from USA Today – Survey: Millennials Hold Complex Views on Education – and as a proud parent to a new Kindergartener in Wake County Public Schools, I’m not surprised by what I read. While I might be just outside the millennial purview (just a touch), I understand what this quote is talking about:

“Millennials really think about education holistically,” said Medenica. “They don’t fall neatly on either side of an education-reform or union-based debate. They have a rounded understanding of education and a rounded preference in terms of how to approach some of these issues.”

In a day-and-age where we have myriad of options at our finger tips, why should choice in education be any different? Think about it; we (millennials and younger parents included) have choices like never before. Android or iPhone, cable or cut the cord, gas or electric car, and on and on.

Choice in education is trending across the country, just as we have seen here in North Carolina by record growth in our state’s public charter, private, and home schools. Take note, the next generation of parents are on board regarding choice in education.

Brian Jodice is the Vice President of Communications and Outreach at Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina.

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