Opportunity Scholarships Help My Family

I know personally what it feels like to watch children struggle and then receive the gift of a better future. My family is one of the thousands like ours that has been awarded an Opportunity Scholarship for the 2017-18 school year.

Next school year, my boys will be in 2nd and 4th grade at the Male Leadership Academy. They wouldn’t be able to attend if it weren’t for an Opportunity Scholarship. This scholarship affords them a chance at the best education possible, despite the learning curve they face with ADHD. Their prior public school could not address their learning problems and a psychiatrist suggested a smaller classroom with fewer distractions would help them succeed. That’s why we turned to the Opportunity Scholarship Program.

Unfortunately, Governor Cooper opposes the Opportunity Scholarship Program and vetoed the state budget that would provide my sons their scholarships. I wish he would change his mind. The Opportunity Scholarship Program has the power to give struggling students a real chance. We are relieved that we no longer need to worry about how we will afford a better education for these boys. This program is helping the families who need it the most—including mine, and I’m thankful that the state legislature is funding this important program.

-Lena Boyd, Charlotte

Lena Boyd is an Opportunity Scholarship parent who agreed to share her story with PEFNC.

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