My Story: Ruzalia Davis

In the spirit of the holidays, I am expressing my gratitude for the Opportunity Scholarship Program. This program is transforming the lives of students around the state, including my son.

A third grader, my son began attending PACE Academy this year using an Opportunity Scholarship. Already, I have seen a tremendous difference in his learning experience. At his previous school, the classrooms were overcrowded and he did not receive the attention he needed. At his new private school, however, small class sizes allow him and the other students to have their own individual learning plans. They can learn at their own pace. My son just earned a place on the school honor roll for the first time ever, and he is becoming more confident every day. The things he learns at PACE Academy are nothing short of phenomenal.

The Opportunity Scholarship Program has opened the door for my child to receive a better education. Truly, being awarded this scholarship has been the greatest thing for my young scholar and our family. I want state leaders and lawmakers to know that their ongoing support is critical. North Carolina families need the Opportunity Scholarship Program.

Ruzalia Davis, Merritt, NC

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