My Story: Paula Kennedy

I have an important story to share — both of my boys were bullied but now attend private schools using Opportunity Scholarships.   

My sons, ages 14 and 16, have faced significant challenges. Both were diagnosed with speech apraxia and didn’t speak until they were four years old; both were also diagnosed with high anxiety. Classmates mocked my older son and told him to kill himself. My younger son faced similar abuse in public school. Then I learned about the Opportunity Scholarship Program.  

In their new private school, my sons receive plenty of attention from teachers, who hone in on their weaknesses and help them learn and catch up. There’s extra help after school when they need it. Most importantly, there is no bullying. Seeing my boys’ grades rise, seeing them be friendly and not fearful—that’s what the Opportunity Scholarship has meant to me.

I am thankful to North Carolina lawmakers for investing in our children.

Paula Kennedy, Olin, NC

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