My Story: Adelyn Brown

In the spirit of the Holidays, I am writing to express my support for a program for which I am truly grateful:  the Opportunity Scholarship Program. The merits of this state-sponsored scholarship program continue to be debated, but I can attest personally to the fact that it is transforming the lives of children statewide.  

My 4th grade son attends Second Baptist Christian Academy on an Opportunity Scholarship. He has shown signs of ADHD since preschool, but his previous school did not have the capacity or flexibility to meet his needs. In first grade, he was suspended for simple things like talking or standing in class.

When we moved him to Second Baptist, the difference in his behavior was immediate. With its smaller classes and personalized attention, his school allows him greater freedom. Teachers understand his abilities and know which behaviors he can and cannot control. Now an A student, he loves school.  

Without the Opportunity Scholarship, I would not be able to afford private school. I want state lawmakers and others to know how thankful I am for this program and the difference it is making in my family’s life.  

Adelyn Brown, Hamlet, NC

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