My Story: Tanya Johnston

My daughter Joy has a story worth telling and I am extremely grateful for the ability to tell it, thanks in large part to the Opportunity Scholarship Program.

When she attended public school, Joy earned Cs and Ds. She felt a great deal of pressure and found the students loud and disrespectful. The school culture wasn’t conducive to learning. Then last January Joy was awarded an Opportunity Scholarship and began attending Cornerstone Christian Academy. Now, Joy comes home grateful every day because she attends school in a smaller classroom setting, with no profanity and with disciplinary guidelines that are enforced. She has the structure she needs to learn.

Joy’s grades have improved dramatically. Our life at home has changed for the better, since Joy follows the disciplinary guidelines and rules she is taught at Cornerstone. She is also playing soccer at school and her asthma is under control.  Clearly, the Opportunity Scholarship Program has made an enormous difference in my daughter’s life. I want state lawmakers and others to know how thankful I am for this impactful program.

Tanya Johnston, Fayetteville, NC

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