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NCSchoolsAroundME.com: The Website for Choice

At PEFNC, we pride ourselves on being a central resource for parental school choice across our state, and we continually strive to be innovative in carrying out our mission.

As we engaged parents across the state, we began to notice a recurring need — parents were seeking options in the K-12 system, but didn’t always know where to look. Often times, parents had similar questions during their school search, but those questions required individualized answers. Parents wanted to know, “Where is my local traditional school and how well is it performing?” – or – “Where is the closest non-traditional school to my house?”

Parents, we heard you loud and clear!


We have been working over the past 10 months to develop a new tool that can provide valuable information in a personalized and convenient fashion.

Introducing, NCSchoolsAroundME.com, a web application designed to empower parents to make informed decisions in their child’s education.


By simply entering their address, families will see all of the educational options in their area. This includes traditional public schools, private schools and public charter schools. NCSchoolsAroundME.com has the power to transform the school decision-making process – it’s all there at the click of a button.

In addition to providing a populated map of all the traditional and non-traditional educational options surrounding the family’s home address, it also offers the current, state-issued report card grades for all traditional public schools and public charter schools. This feature allows the parent to immediately see how well their local public school is performing. Regarding non-traditional options, the website shows nearby private schools that participant in the state’s Opportunity Scholarship Program and accept the Children with Disabilities Grant.

Right at their fingertips, parents now have a tool that is easily accessible and provides relevant information about their school choice options.

No matter what school you’re seeking, this website can help you find the right school for your child. Check it out at NCSchoolsAroundME.com today!

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